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Is your money safe? Banks letting payments through WITHOUT your Pin or signature

Even if the wrong number is repeatedly entered, some customers have reported that they were still able to complete their transaction – sometimes without the requirement of their signature. Generally, a bank card will be blocked if a Pin number is entered incorrectly on three consecutive occasions, but some banks have admitted to allowing transactions […]


MAPPED: Britain’s house price hot spots were values are growing fastest

Despite Brexit fear mongers claiming leaving the European Union would hit house prices, in reality figures show a different picture. Monthly values edged up 0.3 per cent in June in the East of England, giving the region the highest annual growth at six per cent, according to the Your Move England and Wales index. In […]


Retirement age MUST rise or young families will pay the price, pension committee head warn

Speaking to, MP Frank Field raised the possibility of select committees having greater powers, including to introduce bills, as he blasted the Government’s decision to maintain the state pension triple lock. There is “no free ride” said the chair of the influential pensions committee, after the Conservative and DUP deal maintained the state pension […]


Lower water bills: Don't miss out and trial a water meter

This follows figures showing only 25 per cent of customers in England and Wales who pay fixed charges know they can have a meter on test a meter and switch back for free if they don’t save money or decide it’s not for them. CCWater’s Water Matters survey also showed many consumers had   issues […]


Pension changes: Anger as workers hit with 'OUTRAGEOUS' tax hikes

Workers could be hit with stinging tax bills after changes to saving allowances, which are to be applied from April 6 2017. Under the new rules anyone who has been drawing taxable money from their pension is to have the amount that can be saved into scheme cut by a whopping 90 per cent. The […]


People who receive financial advice could end up around £40,000 better off

Those who received financial advice between 2001 and 2007 had accumulated significantly more in financial assets and pension wealth than their unadvised equivalent peers by 2012 to 2014, according to a report by think tank the International Longevity Centre-UK (ILC-UK), supported by Royal London. Even those with fairly modest means can see a big benefit […]


PENSION WARNING: Savers accessing pots early falling into ‘disastrous’ tax trap

Accessing savings early has become the “new norm” since reforms were introduced in 2015, an interim review of the market by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found. However, more than one out of two people fully withdrawing pension pots are simply putting the cash into alternative savings products, which can often leave savers with unnecessary […]


Big Six energy companies switch: Leave pricey legacy tariffs behind

Millions of households who have stayed loyal to the Big Six energy companies are being charged hundreds of pounds over the odds for gas and electricity as a result. That is because like many companies, the energy giants use their best rates to win business from rivals, while leaving longstanding customers on pricey legacy tariffs.  […]


Retiring abroad: How can I cut the costs of moving away in later life?

First off, bear in mind that you can live better for less by picking your location very carefully. There are lots of parts of the world where the standard of living is high, but the cost is low. Thailand, for example, is becoming increasingly popular for retirees due to its comparatively low costs, wonderful weather […]

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