Vandal dumps paint on NYC's famed Charging Bull statue in protest

A vandal protesting President Trump’s rejection of the Paris environmental accord poured blue paint on the head of the iconic Charging Bull statue in the Financial District early Thursday.

Cops got a call about the vandalism at 7:30 a.m. on Broadway near Morris St. The miscreant also draped a “Draw the Blue Line” ribbon over the “Fearless Girl” statue opposite the bull.

Draw the Blue Line is associated with activists supporting the Paris Agreement. Trump said June 1 he will withdraw from the agreement, which sets limits for the emission of greenhouse gases.

“Draw The Blue Line is asking New York City and the rest of the world to put horizontal blue lines across buildings, trees, fences, windows, on social media, everywhere during the 2017 UN General Assembly to show support for the Paris Agreement,” the group said on its website.

“These simple representations of rising sea levels are meant to serve as reminders to the world’s leaders and policymakers of the destruction to come if we don’t remain committed to the fight against climate change.”

The General Assembly began Tuesday and extends through Sept. 25.

“Wall Street bull was splashed w/ paint this morning, in apparent protest of the Paris pullout,” Mayor de Blasio’s spokesman Eric Phillips posted on Twitter. “No place for vandalism in public debate.”

The bull had been scrubbed clean by 9 a.m.

Cops described it as a case of criminal mischief, and are seeking a woman in connection with the incident, sources said.

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